Aviation Fires


Aviation Fires

When it comes to today’s Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting emergencies, the PyroLance is the top-flight piece of essential fire suppression equipment. The PyroLance gives crews the ability to access and precisely target engine bays, cabins, cargo holds, anywhere a fire breaks out on an aircraft. The ability to access complex composite structures such as those found on 5th generation combat aircraft is well within its range.

A PyroLance can penetrate directly through any aircraft surface and direct a powerful Ultra-High- Pressure stream that can pinpoint the source of a fire and cool and extinguish it with maximum effectiveness. Pyrolance can also be combined with foam systems for Call B capability.

The PyroHMA handline is an essential companion to the PyroLance as it offers extraordinarily effective fire suppression with a miserly amount of water. Which means: together, they can help preserve property.

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